Pi says I sound drunk


Pi and I have been out doing some errands. We popped in at my psychiatrist’s office to pick up a new script, then headed to my ME/CFS specialist to pick up some meds that had been on backorder. Now we are at the mall to get some groceries, meds, and some baking supplies.

I decided to go into the grocery store to look at cookie sheets and obviously stayed too long. By the time we had found all of our items, my chest was starting to ache. I had been in the AT heart rate zone the whole time with my heart rate around 115 or more and my speech was slowing down. Pi said I sounded drunk and I was walking slowly and a little wonky too. I got sent to sit down outside while she pays for our groceries.

Once she was done, she walked me to the car so I could have a kombucha while she wet to get the rest of the meds and things. On the way to the car, I felt like my legs were going to collapse at times and my speech was definitely veering into the drunk/high sounding territory. This kinda makes sense. My brain and parts of my body were running out of energy and misfiring, much like they would if I were intoxicated.

Sitting in the car I felt cold and sleepy, but I was ok to drive by the time Pi was done. When I got home however I was freezing cold and got straight into bed. That came right after I ate dinner which probably got enough fuel back into my system to keep things behaving normally again.

If anything, this has shown me that I really need to carry on with the pacing. I’m fine to walk short distances at a time and with rest breaks, but walking around a mall or grocery store is still too much for me without something like a wheelchair. Given the that Covid-19 is still so prevalent, it’s probably best that I stick to resting at home and just doing the driving of others to the mall.